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The revival of twitter (

Oct 21, 2022

Oct 21, 2022

From the surprising reduction of its workforce by 20% to the controversial decision to operate with just 50 employees, Musk's strategy has been nothing short of radical. We explore the reactions from both the public and the employees who faced abrupt layoffs, shedding light on the varying perspectives regarding these dramatic shifts. Additionally, we touch upon the unique challenges faced at Twitter's headquarters, including the unusual measure of employees bringing their own toilet paper, highlighting the extent of Musk's cost-cutting measures. Join us as we navigate through the complexities of Musk's vision for Twitter, now, and what it means for the future of this influential social media platform.

Elon Musk has been able to successfully run Twitter for days now with only 50 employees. What the heck were those other 7,950 people even doing? 🤣

— Matt Wallace (@MattWallace888) November 19, 2022

Elon Musk Buys Twitter and Fires 20% of Employees

November 4th, 2022

Last week, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk made headlines once again when he purchased Twitter and fired dozens of employees.

According to sources close to the company, Musk had grown frustrated with what he perceived as a lack of efficiency and innovation at Twitter. He also expressed dissatisfaction with the platform's handling of hate speech and misinformation.

Elon stated that approximately 20% of employees were let go in order to streamline the company and make it more competitive.

In his typical brash style, Musk made the announcement on Twitter, stating that "ghostbusters are on the way" and that "drones will be deployed to hunt down rogue accounts."

The move sparked backlash from some, who called it an abuse of power and attacked Musk for his history of controversial statements on the platform. Others praised him for taking action against hate speech and fake news.

Twitter employees who were let go took to social media to share their feelings about the sudden change in leadership, with many expressing shock and anger over being abruptly fired without any warning or severance.

But as always, Musk forged ahead with his plans for the social media giant, promising major changes in the coming months. It remains to be seen if his actions will result in a better experience for users or just more controversy for the polarizing tech mogul.

Its all about the developers

November 19th, 2022

Just leaving Twitter HQ code review

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 19, 2022

A great product can be made in a short amount of time. If a mass amount of employees leave, and another large amount fired. Then so be it. There are still enough developers. If the developers are happy, the product will turn out great. Look at Tesla and companies that Elon runs.

January 1st, 2023

Elon Musk's cost cutting measures are causing quite the stir at Twitter. According to reports by the New York Times, employees at the San Francisco headquarters of the microblogging platform have been bringing their own toilet paper to work after janitorial services for were cut due to pay disputes with employees in that department. Consequently, the office has become smelly and quite dirty with odors from leftover takeout food and body odor lingering in the air. All in all, it seems as though Elon Musk's cost cutting approach is putting a damper on things and not everyone is happy about it.

As a large effort to conserve funds, Twitter employees have also been asked to work remotely and rent payments at the company's Seattle building are on hold. Elon Musk has assured that despite these major changes, the site's performance won't be affected negatively, and will eventually only maintain offices in New York City and San Francisco, having skipped rent at both their Bay Area headquarters and San Fran office.

November 24, 2023

The Continuing Saga of Twitter, Now, Under Elon Musk

Elon Musk's Streamlining Strategy

Since acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk has implemented aggressive cost-cutting measures, including a substantial reduction in workforce. This strategy has been controversial, defining his approach to revamping the social media platform.

Workforce Reduction and Operational Changes

Reports indicate that the company now operates with significantly fewer employees. This drastic reduction has sparked debates about the efficiency and sustainability of such a lean workforce structure.

Employee and Public Reactions

The layoffs have elicited mixed reactions. Some question the necessity and impact, while others support the focus on efficiency and cost reduction.

Financial and Operational Adjustments

Musk's cost-cutting measures extend beyond layoffs, affecting other operational areas such as amenities at Twitter's headquarters, leading to concerns about working conditions.

Remote Work and Office Downsizing

The shift towards remote work and the decision to reduce office space reflect Musk's focus on financial efficiency and a changing workplace culture.

Musk's Vision and Future Plans

Musk emphasizes development and innovation, drawing parallels to his leadership style in companies like Tesla. He believes that a smaller, more focused team can drive significant product improvements.

Controversial Leadership Style

Musk's unconventional management style continues to be a topic of discussion, with varying opinions on its long-term repercussions.

Long-Term Vision for (Twitter)

Despite controversies and operational changes, Musk maintains that these steps are necessary for the long-term success and sustainability of the platform.