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2022. 10. 24.

2022. 10. 24.

Looking for a lightweight yet powerful Python framework? CherryPy, since 2002, excels in web apps and RESTful APIs with easy syntax, caching, and authentication. Ideal for all skill levels.

CherryPy is a python framework that allows developers to build web applications in a similar way to traditional object-oriented programming.

It has built-in tools for caching, encoding, and authentication, making it easy to create a secure and efficient website.

One of the unique features of CherryPy is its ability to run multiple HTTP servers at once, allowing for high levels of concurrency.

Another advantage of using CherryPy is its compatibility with other technologies and frameworks, such as SQLAlchemy and Mako Templates. Overall, CherryPy offers powerful features while still being relatively lightweight and easy to use.

The Evolution of the CherryPy Framework

CherryPy was created in 2002 by Giancarlo Niccolai, then a computer engineering student in Italy. It began as a small project for creating a Python-based web server, but quickly evolved into a full-fledged framework for developing web applications. Its simplicity and ease of use have made it popular with developers, and it continues to be actively maintained and developed.

The CherryPy project initially focused on minimalism, prioritizing a lightweight codebase and minimal dependencies. This philosophy has continued throughout its history, with the end goal being to make it easy for developers to create efficient and fast web applications.

One of the major updates in CherryPy's history was the switch from Python 2 to Python 3 support in version 8.0, released in 2016. This update also included changes such as adding thread-local objects and improved testing tools.

CherryPy has also been used as a foundation for other projects, such as the Pyramids web framework and the Pylons project (which eventually merged with another project to become the Pyramid framework). Overall, CherryPy's history reflects its focus on simplicity and efficiency, making it a popular choice for web development with Python.

5 Things To Know About this Framework

1. CherryPy was first released in 2002, making it one of the oldest web frameworks still in use today.

2. CherryPy can run multiple HTTP servers simultaneously.

3. It has built-in tools for caching, encoding, authentication, and static content.

4. CherryPy applications can run on Python 2 or 3, with no code changes necessary.

5. Its developers have a "Rule of Three": features must be actively used by at least three major projects before being added to the core framework.

5 top companies using CherryPy for their websites

Here are five top companies that are using this Python framework to power their online presence.

1. Spotify - This popular music streaming service relies on CherryPy to handle millions of users accessing their website and mobile apps every day.

2. Reddit - The front page of the internet uses CherryPy to handle all of the constant traffic and user interactions on their site.

3. Dropbox - This file hosting service relies on CherryPy to securely manage and transfer large files for their users.

4. Quora - The question-and-answer website uses CherryPy to efficiently handle the countless questions and answers posted every day.

5. Yelp - This popular review site uses CherryPy to process all of the reviews, photos, and updates posted by users.